Georgia House Democrats Return to Session Revealing Republican Tactics


Nekeidra Taylor

Communications Director


Georgia House Democrats Return to Session Focused on Revealing Republican Tactics For Immediate Release March 29, 2021 ATLANTA-- Leadership of the Georgia House Democrats held a press conference prior to today's legislative session to show their opposition to the signing of Senate Bill 202 last Thursday. “Last week, Georgia Republicans put the big lie into law. Just mere days ago, Senate Bill 202 was a two-page bill. Since then, it has been expanded to 94 pages, passed the House and Senate, and been signed by the Governor,” said Minority Leader James Beverly. “SB 202 claims to ‘make it easy to vote and hard to cheat.’ We disagree. This bill is designed to make it harder to vote especially true for Blacks, Latinos, Asians, young people, and seniors.” Following the passage of the bill on Thursday, the Governor immediately signed it into law with fellow Republicans behind closed doors. “The Governor's signing of the legislation behind closed doors only illustrates the fact that the public is not with him on SB202 or any other voter suppression measure,” said Georgia House Democratic Caucus Chairman Billy Mitchell. “This omnibus bill of voter suppression was rushed and forced through both chambers to catch Georgia voters off guard. But Georgia voters will remember.” Members of the Georgia House Democratic Caucus voted “NO” on their attendance to begin their first legislative day since the bill was signed. “If Republicans are willing to overhaul our elections with no support from across the aisle, they clearly don’t need the Democrats to be present for their work,” said Georgia House Democratic Caucus Whip David Wilkerson. ###

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