Response to the Passage of the American Rescue Plan


Nekeidra Taylor

Communications Director


Leader Beverly’s Statement On the Passage of the American Rescue Plan


ATLANTA– Wednesday, Leader of the Georgia House Democratic Caucus, State Representative James Beverly (D-143), released the following statement in response to the passage of the American Rescue Plan (ARP).

“Democratic leadership and the passage of the American Rescue Plan will provide desperately needed relief to Georgia’s hurting communities. In the last year all of our lives were uprooted and changed dramatically: we lost businesses, and jobs, and time with friends, and important moments with family– we lost our neighbors and loved ones,” said Leader Beverly. “Nearly twenty-thousand Georgians have lost their lives during this tragic moment in our history. But joy cometh in the morning, and there is light finally on the horizon. The American Rescue plan will lighten the economic burden Georgia's hard-working communities have been struggling with over the last year by providing them with direct, financial relief. It is our job in the State Capitol to ensure these funds reach the communities that need this aid, as some in Georgia’s State government may be tempted to spend this relief on ill-advised tax-cuts for the wealthy.”

The ARP is the Democratic plan proposed by President Biden’s administration to provide direct aid to Americans across the country suffering from the effects of the pandemic. The plan includes $4.7 billion in aid to Georgia’s state programs, $3.6 billion in aid for local relief in Georgia, $4.5 billion in support for schools to reopen safely, and funding to provide $1,400 direct checks to over 90% of our state.


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