Leader James Beverly on the Governor’s Failed Plan to Limit Medicaid Expansion


December 28, 2021

Contact: Nekeidra Taylor | nekeidra@gahousedems.com | 301-526-2989

ATLANTA (December 28, 2021) - The Biden administration recently rejected Governor Kemp’s plan to implement a work requirement for a limited expansion of Medicaid coverage. Governor Kemp’s plan still would have left hundreds of thousands of Georgians without healthcare coverage. This coverage is already funded under the Affordable Care Act – according to the Cover Georgia Coalition, Georgia declines $3 billion of federal funding every year that the state fails to expand Medicaid coverage.

House Minority Leader James Beverly stated:

“The Governor’s plan to limit healthcare coverage in Georgia is a shame. Governor Kemp seems to prefer healthcare outcomes that cost more and cover less. The funding is on the table to expand healthcare to 500,000 Georgians, and it’s been there for years. Georgians deserve healthcare that allows them to see a doctor and get prescriptions filled when they’re sick – it’s that simple. The Governor would rather play politics than see Georgians get the healthcare they need.”

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