GHDC Announces 2021-22 Caucus Agenda 'A Healthy Georgia'


Noah Cosimano,

Deputy Caucus Comms. Director



ATLANTA—Today, Georgia House Democrats announces our Healthy Georgia legislative agenda for the 2021 legislative session. The Healthy Georgia legislative agenda intends to heal the wounds in our state that the novel coronavirus pandemic has exploited by reviving our healthcare, supporting our students, passing a budget that is accountable to the needs of Georgians, and securing justice and liberty for all. “Last year was difficult for nearly everyone,” said Leader Beverly. “No matter where you live, where you’ve come from, the color of your skin, who you love, how you pray—last year brought sorrow and tragedy. But Georgians are resilient and determined to move forward into the future stronger and more united than ever before to face new challenges on the horizon. Our Healthy Georgia legislative agenda will provide a good starting point to repair the damage of the past while securing a brighter future for everyone.” The legislative agenda focuses on four main areas: health, education, accountability, and liberty.


Making healthcare affordable and accessible by reviving our crippled rural healthcare system and providing access to care for our most vulnerable neighbors.

This session, Georgia House Democrats are proposing the Reviving Our Care (ROC) legislative healthcare package. The Reviving Care package is a group of common-sense reform initiatives to our Medicaid program that would save our crippled rural hospitals and clinics from abandoning their communities and would provide affordable healthcare to our hard-working neighbors and families who have lost their coverage through no fault of their own.

Under Governor Kemp's healthcare plan, Georgia spends $200 million on covering 50,000 residents. In contrast, Georgia House Democrats plan would provide healthcare relief to 500,000 of our neighbors and families for just 1% of our state budget. That means 25% more funding than the Governor’s plan would cover 10x the number of our community members.


Fully funding every child in Georgia’s chance at a better future by providing our students and schools the resources they need to innovate and drive our economy forward.

No child's chance at a better future should be determined by the zip code they are born into. For far too long, Georgia Republicans have failed to update our education policies to meet the demands of a changing world. This has set our children up for failure. Georgia House Democrats will fight for the right of every child in Georgia to have access to the resources they need by fully funding their education.

This legislative session, Georgia House Democrats are proposing changes to the way our state distributes valuable resources across our public schools, known as the Quality Basic Education (QBE) formula. Under the current QBE formula, Georgia prioritizes large, urban public schools with high enrollment, while our students in rural areas suffer from a lack of investment in their future. Georgia House Democrats will increase funding for all of our neighborhood schools. Georgia House Democrats will also ensure that every student, regardless of zip code, has access to broadband internet, transportation, and the educational resources they need to dream big for tomorrow. Georgia House Democrats will also fight to support our children who have grown up in the foster care system and those who have struggled with homelessness.


Passing a budget and laws that hold our government accountable to the needs of our hard-working Georgia families instead of out-of-state special interest and high finance corporate lobbyists.

Georgia’s hard-working families deserve a budget that shares our state’s values of mutual respect to all, care for our most vulnerable neighbors, and a fair shot at a better future for every child. Yet year-after-year, Georgia Republicans propose budgets that have weakened our state’s economy and have left us open to failure.

Georgia’s Republican budget has prioritized out-of-state special finance and a ‘race-to-the-bottom’ attitude over our hard-working families for far too long. Georgia House Democrats are proposing the Community First package of legislation that will give young and working families the support they need to succeed; will fight to keep our government accountable to the people by keeping our elections fair and secure; will put in place common-sense reforms to keep citizens and our police safe; and will end the flow of millions of our tax dollars to rich out-of-state special interest and well financed corporate lobbyists.


Affirming a fair justice system that works for all Georgians, not just those who look one way, or who can afford to pay their way out.

Georgians believe that everyone in our state deserves a fair shot, and to be able to live a life free of bias or violence against them. Our government must always strive towards a more fair and just society for all, not just those at the top. Georgia House Democrats will introduce legislation designed to ensure our justice system treats everyone fairly and never encroach on our right to life and liberty.


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