Georgia House Democrats call on Gov. Kemp to take action to prevent spread of COVID-19 in schools


Nekeidra Taylor

Communications Director

Georgia House Democratic Caucus



ATLANTA (AUGUST 20, 2021) --The Georgia House Democratic Caucus is calling upon Governor Brian Kemp and State School Superintendent Richard Woods to take more direct and specific actions to help reduce transmission of COVID-19 in Georgia schools based upon the recent surge of the Delta variant.

“The unfortunate events of the pandemic--that we’re still coping with- and the recent statewide increase in COVID-19 cases, warrants much concern and calls for expeditious efforts by our state-level government,” states House Minority Leader James Beverly. “ In order to prevent further transmission, especially among children, we need to implement measures in our school systems that protect everyone now.”

According to health officials, the state’s COVID-19 cases reached more than one million this month. This predicament has also led to state representatives requesting to amend Administrative Order 15 signed on August 2. While Administrative Order 15 addresses the need “to isolate or quarantine (themselves) at home, in order to slow the spread of COVID-19, reduce the number of people who will become infected, and avoid unnecessary strain on Georgia’s healthcare system,” it does not extend this requirement to children who are exposed in school, an age group in which we are currently seeing COVID-19 numbers increasing at an alarming rate.

“This virus has been turned into a political issue by elected Republicans and now our children and other individuals are dying. The fact that we all take an oath to serve and protect means this is a sacred responsibility. This failure by elected Republicans is bordering on criminal negligence,” states Representative Donna McLeod (District 105).

In an effort to keep constituents informed during the height of the pandemic, the Caucus developed a COVID-19 committee. This committee provides updates on the current conditions of COVID-19 and provides resources and education via the Georgia House Democratic Caucus Facebook page (a Facebook live segment).

“The most powerful step the governor can take to prevent illness and deaths is to start being active rather than passive; mandate masks, fund statewide incentive programs, stop pushing back against vaccine verification and start invalidating anti-vaccine rhetoric.” states Representative Rebecca Mitchell (District 106).


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