Our Vision

Georgia House Democrats want to see all Georgians succeed, regardless of their zip code. We strive for a Georgia that is not just the number one state to do business, but the number one state to raise a family, earn an education, and access affordable healthcare.



Our vision is a thriving economy for Georgia - one that prioritizes not just profits, but the people who work so hard to drive our success. We want to reinvigorate our depleting resources with renewable energy and work towards economic resilience and not simply short-term growth. We want to see expanded job opportunities and a modernized workforce that is suited for the demands of the 21st century. In order to increase sustainable, well-paying jobs in Georgia, we need to raise our living wage, bring back the earned income tax credit, provide rural broadband across the state, restore the clean energy tax credit, guarantee paid family leave, and promote programs for skills development



Ensuring that students of all ages are able to receive a quality education is crucial to maintaining the health and economic vitality of our state. We are constantly addressing the barriers that prevent our students from succeeding and want to ensure that our school systems have the resources they need to equip our children for the 21st century. This includes expanding our preschool program, reforming our public school funding formula, modernizing our core curriculum, raising teacher pay, and offering a needs-based financial aid for college.



Over the past few decades, Georgia has seen a sharp increase in health care costs. Approximately 1.2 million Georgians are uninsured. Without access to affordable health coverage, hardworking Georgians are faced with skyrocketing fees and insurmountable debt. Georgia House Democrats are fighting to make healthcare more affordable by bridging the Medicaid gap, increasing access to fairly priced health insurance, supporting Georgia’s addiction treatment facilities, and increasing funding for mental health programs.



Georgia House Democrats believe in a state government of the people, by the people, and for the people. We promise to keep our state government accountable by passing comprehensive civil rights protections, guaranteeing procedural transparency, tackling criminal justice reform, establishing an independent redistricting commission, and ensuring that every Georgian is able to exercise their right to vote.




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