The Georgia House Democratic Caucus works to provide educational opportunity, economic security and shared responsibility by creating a state government that helps Georgians thrive.

Legislative Agenda

The Legislative Agenda for the Georgia House Democratic Caucus continues to press for educational opportunity, economic security and shared responsibility.

Educational Opportunity  

Democrats understand that a strong educational foundation is the greatest predictor of economic success. However, successful students are developed through parental responsibility and strong schools. We also recognize that our policies in education should reach every child – and not just a select few.

Economic Security

The Georgia House Democratic Caucus offers key legislation to tackle the issues that continue to hinder economic growth in Georgia. We have drafted legislation that will strengthen our economy by creating good jobs, empowering taxpayers, and helping small businesses.

Democrats understand that citizens expect more of their government than simply taxes and regulation. We want a government that works for the people and with the people. We expect a government that asks everyone to do his or her fair share and to play by the rules. We demand a government that understands its business: to spend our tax dollars wisely.

Shared Responsibility 

The 2016 Legislative Session proved that transcending the politics of division is how we achieve progress for Georgia families. We worked alongside Republicans in the House, as well as colleagues from both sides of the aisle in the Senate, to pass legislation in support of military families, survivors of sexual assault, and students with disabilities.


We are stronger and safer than we were a year ago. Georgians from every part of our state – even those without Democratic representation – traveled to the Capitol to talk to us about the issues that matter to them. Dedicated advocates armed us with facts and leant us their expertise. Survivors of violence bravely told their stories in public and made the case for urgent action. Without their voices, we would not have been able to fulfill our tremendous responsibility to the people we serve.


As we begin the 2017 session, the Georgia House Democratic Caucus will continue to promote common-sense legislation anchored in the Democratic values of educational opportunity, economic security, and shared responsibility. We will continue to advocate for bills from our “A Promise Kept” initiative in support of military families to ensure that Georgia fulfills its obligation to our service members. New legislation, some of which will be brought forward by new voices to the Caucus, will tackle our challenges with a fresh approach and build upon past successes. Finally, as Democrats we will always remain steadfast in our commitment to solutions for our most vulnerable citizens, and champion legislation to end poverty and inequality. Our agenda remains bold and pragmatic in service of a singular goal: to make life better for families in our state.






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