Image by Stephen Cook


Passing a budget and laws that hold our government accountable to the needs of our hard-working Georgia families instead of out-of-state special interest and high finance corporate lobbyists.

Georgia’s hard-working families deserve a budget that shares our state’s values of mutual respect to all, care for our most vulnerable neighbors, and a fair shot at a better future for every child. Yet year-after-year, Georgia Republicans propose budgets that have weakened our state’s economy and have left us open to failure.

Georgia’s Republican budget has prioritized out-of-state special finance and a ‘race-to-the-bottom’ attitude over our hard-working families for far too long. Georgia House Democrats are proposing the Community First package of legislation that will give young and working families the support they need to succeed; will fight to keep our government accountable to the people by keeping our elections fair and secure; will put in place common-sense reforms to keep citizens and our police safe; and will end the flow of millions of our tax dollars to rich out-of-state special interest and well financed corporate lobbyists.