Rep. Mary Robichaux 

Caucus Treasurer

Representative Robichaux represents House District 48, which includes portions of Fulton County. 

Mary has been a Georgia resident since 1987 and has lived in Roswell since 1993. Mary grew up in rural Louisiana and graduated from Louisiana State University Medical Center and the University of New Orleans. 

Improving healthcare has been Mary’s life work. For over 35 years, Mary helped lead various healthcare organizations, which include the American Heart Association, Emory Healthcare and Johns Hopkins Hospital. Mary’s career focused on bringing more efficient, effective and patient centered healthcare to everyone that walks into a hospital, doctor’s office or clinic. 

She has worked with over 700 hospitals, thousands of physicians and other providers to improve patient outcomes while reducing costs. Mary has contributed to scientific publications focused on reducing health disparities in minority populations in various diseases and developing systems of care across states. 

Mary continues to use her passion of improving patient-centered care with hospitals and healthcare centers through her consulting company. 

She has been married to her husband, Rory, for over 40 years. They are proud parents of twin sons, Scott and Chad. While her sons were growing up in Roswell, Mary served in PTA boards and as a parent representative on the Fulton County Disciplinary Board. Scott is an assistant district attorney in Savannah, and Chad conducts medical research at Emory University. 

She is also the proud daughter of a World War II Navy veteran, who reside in Mary’s family home in Roswell.